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Unbreakable Butch: An Interview with Grita Jennifer

Naomi Norbez

In-house journalist Diana Scott had the opportunity to sit down with the star of Unbreakable Butch, Grita Jennifer. Jennifer is most well known for her early role in All Her Children, but is now taking on more serious roles in Hollywood. The transcript of Jennifer’s interview with Scott is below. Let’s listen in on their conversation.

Diana Scott: Thanks for joining us, Grita! I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I saw you in Sunset Skies, so it’s a true honor. Grita Jennifer: No problem! It’s really my pleasure. DS: Thank you! Tell us more about the movie. GJ: Sure thing! Unbreakable Butch is about Wanda, a butch lesbian who’s just trying to live xyr life in 2030. However, zyr strict religious upbringing blocks zym from finding love. DS: So the movie is discussing religious themes? Tell us more about that, and your personal relationship to Unbreakable Butch. GJ: Yeah. So I remember my grandmother telling me that when she was growing up, she was in a strict Christian household. One that didn’t really let her express her queerness in the ways she wanted to. And in this movie, we discuss that, showing the ways that Christianity and other religions used to reject queer people, try to force queerness out of them. But no matter what you do, you can’t do that to a person—their queerness is a solid part of them, part of who they am. And it’s unbreakable, despite all the damage that religion and other societal institutions can give it. DS: Do you truly believe that queerness is an unbreakable thing? GJ: I do! I do believe that. I think queerness is a thing that can be beaten down, dented, even flattened into almost nothing. But it won’t break. DS: How does the Christianity of that time compare to Christianity nowadays? GJ: I think it’s a radical difference. Nowadays, religions across the world have grown accepting of LGBT people, in such a radical way. Acceptance is the norm now; back then, there were places that accepted us, but not nearly as many. These systems can truly change. It’s beautiful. DS: But that version of Christianity that used to reject us . . . that’s a part of our history. GJ: It is, it is. That’s why we’re making a movie about it! (laughs) DS: Tell us how you got involved in the project. Were you part of Unbreakable Butch from the start? GJ: Yeah, so, as you might know, I was involved in this anthology TV series called Black Butterfly, playing the character Tammy in the episode Force Of Nature. That episode was directed by Ira Osmyer, and xe and I just really hit it off. We really clicked, and I told xyr that I would love to be involved with xyr future projects. Well, she became the director of Unbreakable Butch, and xe called me up to play the lead, said I was the first person xe thought of. I auditioned, got the part, and the rest is history. DS: That’s quite a story! GJ: Yeah, it is! (laughs) DS: So when does Unbreakable Butch come out? GJ: It hits theatres January 7th across the country! It’s a really great movie; we’re all very proud of it. DS: I think your grandmother is proud of you too. GJ: (laughs) I think so too. I’m hoping to get her tickets to the movie! DS: Well, thanks for talking to me, Grita! Like I said, it’s an honor. GJ: It’s a pleasure! Thanks for having me. Unbreakable Butch will be in theatres worldwide on January 7, 2068.

About the Author

Naomi Norbez is a writer and game maker from New Jersey.  When he’s not binge-watching 'The Good Place', he’s creating new interactive fiction,  reading, or writing fanfic (again).  You can follow them on Twitter @NaomiNorbez.

The following is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events is purely coincidental.

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