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Coming to Kickstarter June 1st, 2024

Updated: Jul 4

Y’all…IT. IS. HAPPENING! The moment we have been working toward for the last few years is almost here. We have set up our Kickstarter campaign and are all set to launch on Saturday, June 1st!!! There are not enough exclamation marks in all the world to express how freaking excited we are for this moment!!!!!!

This Kickstarter campaign is our sole method of taking orders for the print and e-book versions of Inclusive Future Magazine: Visions from a Gender-Inclusive Future, and it will fund the printing and shipping of physical copies of the zine.

This 48-page, full-color zine contains eight stories and two artworks by trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer contributors, who share their visions for gender-inclusive futures via pop culture articles about fashion, science and technology, music, film, and more. We are immensely proud of how this project has turned out, and we hope you will love it, too.

You’ll be able to preorder it as soon as our Kickstarter goes live on June 1st. In the meantime, we hope you will visit our pre-launch page and click that big, green “Notify me on launch” button!


June 1 Update

WE ARE NOW OPEN FOR PREORDERS! Click the blue button above to order your copy before June 21!

June 4 Update

We hit our funding goal as of 10:33am Pacific time on June 4th! Less than four days into the campaign!

We are beyond thrilled and grateful to know that we will actually get to put this anthology in people's hands. It not only means getting to share these kick-ass speculative fiction stories with the world, but also sharing our contributors' visions for what a gender-inculsive future could look like for us - which has been the whole point of this project!

It also means that we can now turn our attention to getting this anthology into as many hands as possible and making the campaign even more rewarding for backers by meeting stretch goals. We have until June 21st to meet them! Visit our Kickstarter page to order your copy!

June 16 Update

On June 8th, we hit our first stretch goal - a phone wallpaper for all our backers, including YOU!

And today, we hit our second stretch goal: 4"x6" art cards FREE in every physical reward, and available as an add on for folks ordering an e-book!

June 20 Update

Last chance to order a zine! Our Kickstarter closes at 8:55pm Pacific Time on June 21!

July 3 Update

WOW. Thank you all so very much for making this dream come true.

124 people pitched in to raise a total of $1,959 to make this zine possible, not counting those who have supported us financially prior to the Kickstarter and in other ways throughout this process.

163 zines were purchased through the Kickstarter, about half of which were print copies. Including the copies we're sending to our artists, authors, and major donors, there will be almost 200 copies of this zine out in the world in one form or another, when all is said and done!

Since the Kickstarter ended on June 21, we've been taking some much needed rest. Now, we're jumping back into it, getting those finishing touches on the zine so we can send it off to the printer! We plan to have digital rewards sent out by the end of July 2024, and physical rewards mailed out by 15th of August, 2024!


Got questions? Contact us!

Message sent! Thanks for contacting us!

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