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Inclusive Future Magazine is an anthology project started in Portland, Oregon. Its goal is to provide a peek into a future in which everyone is welcome, and to provide hope in such dark times. We believe that it's easier to build a better future when we have an idea of what it looks like, and we believe that it's important for people who have been traditionally marginalized to have an active role in creating that future.


For that reason, these anthologies are by, about, and for marginalized people.Further, this anthology gives us a chance to invite those who want to do better at including people of all identities in their thinking and speech to share this vision with us.


Image of S.H. Aeschliman

S.H. Aeschliman

S.H. Aeschliman (ASH-ləmon) is a lifelong lover of speculative fiction and a co-founding editor of Inclusive Future Magazine. Born in Oregon, ze lives in the southern Willamette Valley and loves hiking in nearby forests and nature reserves, playing with art supplies, daydreaming about travel plans, playing Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and hanging out with zir two adorkable dogs, Milton and Larry.

Image of Lydia Rogue

Lydia Rogue

Lydia Rogue is a writer and poet living in Portland, Oregon. They write stories and nonfiction that centers trans people, when they’re not writing sappy love poems for their spouse or wrangling their pet rats. You can find them online at and on Twitter @LydiaRogue.

Image of Sam Pratt

Mantha Pratt

Mantha Pratt is a writer, painter, baker, and paper-crane-maker who believes in the power of storytelling to create the change we wish to see in the world. They have recently returned to living in Anchorage, Alaska, where they grew up. They can be found working on projects at local coffee shops.


Image of Liasis_D


Liasis is a Freelance Illustrator and Engineering student in Italy. They love cats, bright colours, D&D, cooking and space exploration. Their art focuses on queer themes and self-acceptance, and their multicultural background (being south-east Asian and European) allows them to see social issues from various points of view. You can find them on Instagram @liasis_d and on Twitter @Liasis_D.

You can also find Inclusive Future Magazine on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, or support us on Ko-fi!

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