• Sione Aeschliman

COVER REVEAL for Issue #1

Updated: Mar 29

Last summer we solicited submissions for the cover art for Inclusive Future Magazine Issue 1: Visions from a Gender-Inclusive Future and chose the submission that best fit our vision for the project. We worked with the artist last fall to tweak and refine a few details, and we could not be more excited about the result.

Today we are ecstatic to reveal the cover art, designed and executed by the amazing Liasis! Drum roll, please...

Four figures of various races, abilities, cultural backgrounds, and gender presentations are arranged in front of a neon-bordered diamond on the left two-thirds of the page. Multi-colored flames erupt in the background from behind the diamond to cover the right third of the page.
Cover of Inclusive Future Magazine Issue 1: Visions from a Gender-Inclusive Future. Cover art by Liasis.

Isn't it beautiful?!?

About the artist:

Liasis is a Freelance Illustrator and Engineering student in Italy. They love cats, bright colours, D&D, cooking and space exploration. Their art focuses on queer themes and self-acceptance, and their multicultural background (being south-east Asian and European) allows them to see social issues from various points of view. You can connect with them and see more of their work on Instagram, @Liasis_D.

Editor's note: While the art itself is final, the cover image is an initial mock-up created by our own Sam Pratt. Once we have the contributors set and issue finalized, our graphic designer will create a final cover image.

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