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  • Sam Pratt

Our Future Plans, and a Poll!

Back in 2021, we published a post on our blog about the bigger vision behind Inclusive Future Magazine. While a lot has changed in the past few years, that bigger vision has remained constant. We want to publish many more issues, each one envisioning a future in which traditionally marginalized groups are fully included and social justice issues of today have been tackled, each issue edited by paid guest editors either from those marginalized communities or involved in the given social justice movement.

Though we have always wanted the scope of Inclusive Future Magazine to one day reach beyond nonbinary and trans perspectives, we chose to start with Visions from a Gender-Inclusive Future because the three of us are nonbinary and can speak from personal experience about what it feels like to live in a society that excludes us because of this aspect of our identities. Moving forward, we're hoping to tackle other themes, such as:

  • Racial and ethnic justice

  • Disability and accessibility

  • Neurodiversity

  • Decolonization and indigenization

  • Economic justice

  • Transformative justice systems

  • Environmental justice

  • And more!

This is where you come in! We want to hear what topics you're most interested in seeing. We've created a survey where you can submit your thoughts and suggestions. It'll be open from today through January 2024.

When you suggest a topic through this form, you'll be given a chance to submit names of people who you think would be good editors for an issue of a given topic. (Keep in mind that your suggestions should be feasible. While we would love to have the Executive Editor of FIYAH, DaVaun Sanders, for example, for an issue about racial and ethnic justice, he's got a literary magazine of his own to run.)

For future issues, these guest editors will come up with the subtitles, write the calls for submissions, and choose the cover art and the anthology's content. As the Editorial Board, our role in the production of future issues will be a purely facilitative one, helping behind the scenes as directed by the guest editors so they can focus on the theme and content of their anthology.

Ultimately, the survey will help inform - but not dictate - what we choose to be the theme of Inclusive Future Magazine, Issue 2. For example, the survey may reveal that our audience is most interested in seeing an issue about neurodiversity next, but if we are unable to find guest editors to take on that theme for the next issue, then we'll have to choose something else.

We're looking forward to what you have to say!

Fill out the survey below, or by clicking here. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes. And THANK YOU!


Got questions? Contact us!

Message sent! Thanks for contacting us!

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