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Our first publication is now live!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

We’re excited to announce that our first publication, “Unbreakable Butch: An Interview with Grita Jennifer” by Naomi Norbez (he/they) is now available on our website!

"Grita Jennifer" for Inclusive Future Magazine.

Norbez’s piece was one of our first submissions, and the moment we set eyes on it we all knew that -- one way or another -- we had to find a way to publish it. It was exactly what we dreamed about when we set out to create Inclusive Future Magazine.

This interview with a movie star comes from a future where all genders and sexualities are accepted--even in religious communities. Sounds interesting? Check it out!

About the author

Naomi Norbez is a writer and game maker from New Jersey. When he’s not binge-watching 'The Good Place', he’s creating new interactive fiction, reading, or writing fanfic (again). You can follow them on Twitter @NaomiNorbez.


We’ve got a few more publications coming down the pipes over the next few months! Stay tuned for more information.

If Norbez’s piece inspired you and you’d like to make it possible for us to bring you even more glimpses into a future that’s more inclusive for all, support our Ko-fi, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr!

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